Super Cute Initial Jewelry!!

Initial jewelry is the perfect way to add personalization to your jewelry collection.  Initial jewelry can be worn in many different ways.  Many people choose to wear their own initial.  This could be either a first or last initial.  Jewelry with a bride’s new name initial makes for a very memorable wedding gift.  Others may chose to wear the initial of a loved one.  Also, many times a mother may choose to wear her child’s initial.

However you choose to wear your initial jewelry, My Diamond Obsession has many different styles of initial jewelry to choose from.

Initial Necklaces

We have initial necklaces available both with and without diamonds and in script and block fonts.

The diamonds on the diamond script initial necklace add sparkle to your jewelry collection.

Script Initial Necklace with Diamonds

Diamond Script Initial Necklace

For a mother’s initial necklace, try this adorable Posh Mommy Initial Roxy Necklace.

Posh Mommy Initial Roxy Necklace

Posh Mommy Initial Roxy Necklace

A few options that are available in sterling silver are the Sterling Silver Block Initial Necklace and the Sterling Silver Script Initial Necklace.

Block Initial Necklace

Sterling Silver Block Initial Necklace

Initial Script Necklace

Sterling Silver Script Initial Necklace

This stainless steel charm bracelet with initial charms is simply adorable.  Try one or three initials on your bracelet!!

Stainless Steel Charm Bracelet

Initial jewelry from My Diamond Obsession makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.  Which pieces are your favorites?




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