Fashion Pieces, the Icing on the Cake

Once you have all of the diamond basics covered, I recommend investing in fashion pieces.  Outlined below are 3 diamond fashion looks that are simple to incorporate into any girl’s wardrobe!

The first look is the mixing of black and white diamonds.  The addition of black diamonds allows the piece to take on a larger look and provides a stunning contrast to the traditional white diamond.

Pave Black and White Diamond Necklace in White GoldBlack and White Diamond Band

Another option is to add a different gold color or into the mix.  Rose gold makes white gold feel suddenly fresh and new.  No need to match the gold color of the new piece to your other jewelry.  This look is all about mixing and matching gold colors to create fresh interesting looks.

Diamond bow shaped ring in rose gold

A final option would be to try a vintage inspired piece of jewelry.  A vintage necklace will pull together a simple outfit and make it feel suddenly unique and styled.

Diamond Heart and Key Necklace and Sterling Silver

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